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Dear Friends,

Smart organizations have beginnings that are distinguished by the careful thought the founders engage in about how they are going to reach out and connect with their clients, strategic partners, and internal stakeholders. Artisan Wealth Management was just a twinkle of an idea in those days, weeks, and months following that first time Edward and David met at an industry conference in Salt Lake City back in 2007. It took a solid year of weekly due diligence meetings, united by the shared vision of truly putting clients first, along with a considerable investment of personal time, talent, and treasure, to culminate in the launch of Artisan in July of 2008.

From the very beginning, each team member committed themselves to creating a new paradigm in the wealth management industry. A lot of what we did seemed crazy at the time. After all, remember what was going on in 2008 and 2009. Arguably, it was one of the most challenging times to launch a new financial services firm. But we forged ahead … helping clients to navigate one of the worst financial markets in modern history. We’ve expanded our services and our reach from our local Hunterdon County community to now serve clients in 23 states across the country, pulling together knowledge and skill from across multiple disciplines.

We’ve long believed that financial services firms, in general, tend to get complacent. But in today’s ever-changing business landscape, with volumes of tax law changes occurring each year, the continual advancement of technology, and new financial planning strategies being tested in the trenches every day, you need to be willing to adapt to continue to offer the services discerning clients both need and desire. We’ve been serving our clients well over the past decade, but we can do even better.


What’s in a name?  Everything.  Very often, the first piece of information that we have about a person or a business is a name. As the first thing you learn, it becomes the foundation upon which we form our judgements … even before we really get to know the individual, family, or business more intimately and have a better footing upon which to base those judgements.


So as founders, Edward and David have made a decision to put their very name and reputation right out in front. What better way is there to say the founders stand behind the services of the firm? So, 2019 marks the evolution of Artisan Wealth Management into COLLINS LAMBERT an Integrated Wealth Management firm.


What is COLLINS LAMBERT? And what is Integrated Wealth Management? First, let’s talk about what remains the same before we get into what’s evolving.

Our strategic partnership with LPL Financial as the custodian of our clients’ financial assets remains unchanged. No existing client account numbers will change, and no additional investment account paperwork will be necessary as a result of our transition from Artisan Wealth Management to COLLINS LAMBERT.


Our commitment to serving our clients and putting their interests before our own is immovable. After all, we strive to be a team our clients can trust, helping them live the life they really want.


Our long-held values remain the same. Values such as:


  • Integrity;

  • Humility;

  • Loyalty;

  • Transparency;

  • Responsiveness; and

  • Collaboration


We hold these values steadfast.


What is evolving is the business name that sits atop these values. Our firm logo looks a bit different as well. We’ve adopted an icon of an owl to symbolize the wisdom earned through decades of helping clients.


Over the years we’ve developed and refined a process to assist clients in putting all the puzzle pieces together with the goal of gaining the transparency they desire within their financial lives. We call this process our WealthWisdom Formula. This formula helps us to focus on what matters to our clients, while committing us to investing our effort and energy on only those things within our control.


Let’s face it. The Markets are complex. Congress isn’t committed to making the tax landscape simple. The demands on personal attention are ever growing. And there seems to be new risks that need to be mitigated every day. But, in our opinion, “risk” is something properly measured in terms of capacity and need, not simply the Market fluctuations broadcast by the financial media. With this informed perspective, risk becomes the lens through which financial decisions should be made.


We have a defining principle which states that “No One Wants To Have To Get Wealthy Twice.” So, our financial planning services-based approach to wealth management is continually evolving with additional asset protection planning and tax planning services. New strategies are constantly considered and applied where appropriate.


COLLINS LAMBERT is a firm that focuses our daily effort on helping clients navigate the challenges real wealth creates. As an Integrated Wealth Management firm, we recognize that being good stewards of the financial resources of our clients is not enough. We must also stay at the forefront of financial planning strategies, business planning strategies, estate planning strategies, asset preservation strategies, and tax planning strategies in addition to the professional asset management services we have offered since the beginning. We must coordinate the efforts of professionals in multiple disciplines in the pursuit of what our clients define as their own personal financial success. This is what we mean by “Integrated Wealth Management.” And this is where we will continue to evolve, with additional services in-house, and new strategic partnerships with outside professionals committed to the same principles we hold dear.


On the web, we can now be found at We’ve enhanced our internet presence to acknowledge the fact that our reach now stretches far beyond the conference room in our headquarters on the east coast. In the weeks ahead, you’ll find new compelling resources available on our web site aimed at bringing you information we believe will be of interest.


We are excited about …


  • Offering new and better services to our clients;

  • Continuing to take the long-term view;

  • Empowering great entrepreneurs, entreprofessionals, and seasoned executives to flourish;

  • Providing the transparency and clarity clients desire within their financial lives;

  • Making COLLINS LAMBERT even better cumulatively over the days, weeks, months, and years ahead; and

  • Hopefully, as a result of all of this, working toward the improvement of the lives of as many individuals and families as we can.


Thank you for being a special part of our family. We’re so excited to share this news with you and hope that it exemplifies our continual effort to evolve and meet the ever-growing needs and desires of our clients, while staying true to our inspired mission of offering reasoned guidance in all areas of each client’s financial life.




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