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The Evolution of COLLINS LAMBERT

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

After more than a decade the Artisan Wealth Management team grew from serving clients in New Jersey to those spread out across the country. That growth has been directly attributable to the expanding service offering of the team and the advocacy of satisfied clients.

After years of strategic service enhancements and reimagined wealth management delivery, January of 2019 marked Artisan Wealth Management's transition to COLLINS LAMBERT an Integrated Wealth Management firm. Powered by their proprietary WEALTHWISDOM Formula, COLLINS LAMBERT is a team that clients can trust to help them live the lives they really want. Sure, there's huge value to delayed gratification. However, tomorrow is promised to no one. So the COLLINS LAMBERT team works to help clients to live life today while safeguarding their financial well being for their respective tomorrows. Their guiding philosophy is captured in the following phrase:

No One Wants To Have To Get Wealthy Twice

The COLLINS LAMBERT team has aimed to help numerous clients build and protect real wealth. There have been ups and downs in the Markets. There have been volumes of tax law changes. The economy has expanded and contracted and expanded again. And through it all, the COLLINS LAMBERT team of professionals has grown their reach to allow them to provide financial guidance that matters to clients all across the country.


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